Spring is upon us! Like last year, we will be accepting chick orders through our facebook page www.facebook.com/b2c2farms, or by messaging us on this site.  Availibility and pricing for the 2021 season are as follows:

Lavender Wheaten (Isabel) Ameraucana: Chicks $20 each/Eggs $10 each

Black Copper Marans: Chicks $16 each/Eggs $8 each

Silver Double Laced Barnevelder: Chicks $12 each/Eggs $6 each

American White Bresse: Chicks $10 each/Eggs $5 each

Lavender/Lavender Cuckoo Orpington: Chicks $8 each/Eggs $4 each

Shipping EGGS to all 50 US states: $19.95 flat rate for up to 24 eggs.  Eggs can be ordered through our Ebay page, or by contacting me directly on facebook.

Shipping for chicks: Contact me for a quote--its all over the place but for the 2021 season it ranges between $35-$68.  We can safely ship a minimum of 6 chicks, any breed. They will be shipped Priority 2-day Express only.

Also, please check our facebook page for specials!